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ActiveMath Release 1.0 available

We are pleased to announce that release 1.0 of ActiveMath is finally available.

ActiveMath 1.0 is a stabilization of years of ActiveMath development and a polish of most of its features. The highlights of this release are:

  • New learner model SLM (Simple Learner Model)
  • Slumb is now the default MBase
    • supports content reloading
    • improved error reporting for authors
  • New languages for the user interface:
    • Français (French)
    • Magyar (Hungarian)
    • Čeština (Czech)
    • Nederlands (Dutch)
  • Extended user help system
  • Improved overall performance and stabilty

Mathematical knowledge assessment on the World Wide Web

Dear ActiveMath Forum users,

This forum post is not directly about the ActiveMath project and if you feel this message does not belong here, please delete it and forgive my intrusion.

I am currently working on a research project for an MSc degree in computer science at the Open University in the UK. In short terms, the project is about mathematical knowledge assessment of the Web. It comprises three parts, two of which are also covered by the ActiveMath projet: authoring (1), representation (2) and comparison of mathematical formulae (3) on the Web.

Notes of online tutorial 1 day 2

Notes about the ActiveMath Online Tutorial, May 4, 2007

Notation change to support understanding

I remember having studied a book using what I remember as the british category school. This notation stipulates that function application is written left to right, ie that:

f∘g(x) should be written xfg

What is the precedence of the convolution ?

As far as I can tell, all the tools I have seen around that handle mathematical notations, both at input and output, do save brackets around binary operators by the use of the precedence of an operator: it basically says that an operator has a given precedence x and, if a term must be presented as an operand, a bracket is output if the child-binary operator has a lower precedence. (think a*(b+c))

I have just found that the precedence of convolution should not be a (linearly ordered) number…

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