The Semantic Web is not Restricted to Ontologies

The Semantic Web is not Restricted to Ontologies!

The semantic web is a nice strand. Something where AI should be able to do a huge job based on the massive knowledge spread around the web. Is it about AI or more generally machine processabiity? The last call for paper for the WWW conference actually broadened the semantic web track call to “Semantic / Data Web”.

A Content-dictionary is a social thing

You know what?

A content-dictionary as can be found by tons on is mostly a social artifact. It’s a set of descriptions of symbols so that one can mean what others means.


Rendering Content Elements

Rendering Agent at Work

A rendering agent is a processor that, on behalf of a user, for example through an HTTP request, converts content-mathematical-expressions to presentation. We call this conversion, the delivery of the rendering agent. Typically, the delivery is happening within a user-interaction which lives within a context: information about this context can be multiple, it includes the preferred languages of the user, the preferred notational styles of the user or of the surrounding content. A rendering agent should be able to process arbitrary content

Maple to somewhat-OMDoc

Maple has an option to export content-mathml in html export… it’s a horrible thing packed inside an applet parameter within an html4 document but there are still hopes to parse this with htmlparser and expand the MathML-content elements off the parameters.

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