Book of Tasks

This book contains a compendium of details about each tasks needed to be performed for testing the authoring tools and for discovering them. Each task is expected to be described precisely in text and may be complemented by screenshots, resulting resources, and screencasts.

We try to follow the following table of contents structure:

  • level 1: group of tasks
  • level 2: individual tasks, this page should contain task steps
  • level 3: (as a child of task steps) screencasts, alternative descriptions etc

Comments about each task relevance and applicability are welcome.

For an introduction see the overview video or the outdated jEditOQMath tutorial.

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Amen to the Book of Tasks

I very much welcome your idea of a book of tasks and the envisaged presentation and interaction media. Thank you.

I do not yet understand the

classifications of the tasks?

groups and task levels

Basically groups should be chapters, task-pages should be below then each task could contain various concretizations, such as video. I have changed the wording accordingly. I believe it’s very important to avoid putting the videos at a place where you just expect text, easily loaded, searched, and browsed. paul