Task inst-8 Adjust port

This task is an advanced task that is necessary when you encounter errors in the console (logs/activemath.log) indicating that the port 8080 or 8005 is already in use. It describes how to change the ports of the tomcat.


  • you need an ActiveMath already running, for example, by following installation instructions using ActiveMath-SVN

Task Steps

  • invoke a text editor ([jEditOQMath>http://eds.activemath.org/en/node/109], BBEdit, NotePad, …). Ideally that text editor makes it visible that parts of an XML file are comments (within <!-- and -->) and others are tags or texts
  • with that editor edit the file server.xml
  • search for port, there should be once the port 8005 and the port 8080 expressed in attribute values. Change these to port values that are not used (for example 23005 and 23080).
  • save (changing these should not break any well-formedness of the file, but saving with jEditOQMath would allow you to make sure of this)
  • restart ActiveMath
  • see logs/activemath.log and make sure it says the server is ready
  • try to launch you browser at http://localhost:23080/ (or any other port you’ve set above)
  • if that fails, you’re left to start disabling firewalls and ask around

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