Intereference between C and the notation for all complex numbers.

I think I’ve a really simple question:

I’ve imported

<imports from="mbase://openmath-cds/setname1"/>

into my oqmath-file, but now I’ve the following problem.

Some matrix has the name “C”. So I typed in a formula:

$C = ...$

But this C was identified as the set of all complex numbers, because in the corresponding notationslist C is a symbol for that. How can I remove this symbol and replace it by another id?

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normal... it can be managed!


C is rather a common conflicting place, another is the star sign “*” which can, at least, be either read as the multiplication or the complex conjugate (or the adjoint matrix or…).

This can be managed with the notations which you must imperatively maintain when working on a collection.

To bring C back into the role of a variable:

Symbol: C VARIABLE "C"

this is also the good way to make variables of several letters:

Symbol: flow VARIABLE "flow"



Hi Paul,

thank you for this tip! Works fine now. ;-)