MUI(Mathematical User Interface) For Potential and Vital Consumers

I have been desperate for quite some time for my pupils to have a simple MUI(Mathematical User Interface) to be able to type Mathematics into Active Maths and into Web Pages, easily, consistently and semantically.

Could you please advise?

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for your pupils? ActiveMath

for your pupils?

ActiveMath has quite a few such but I fear they don’t honour the consistency standard. Have you tried them lately? (e.g. on ?)

Easy it is.

But maybe the input editor is even easier.


The Customer is KIng

In my limited experience the adoption of AM, OM/MathML needs to be enabled from above and requires the fuelling from below. Provide the appropriate tools for users and they will generate demand and feedback. They may be found among pupils, the present which will bias the future.

Case in Point?

Please see the PS in my comment to your post on Combinations’ Notations ?

Addendum for Clarification

With your involvement in the OM/MathML initiatives, is there not something closer to your aims and more user-friendly than mathtran image rendering which could be utilized for inputting Maths at equally providing a showcase as well as a testbed?