Libresource forge... sounds adequate for ActiveMath collections!

I am currently discovering Libresource, a forge focussed on sharing a set of sources. A first experience has been made with a non-technical user on the tentative komma content collection… very positive!

Libresource is a forge, something that resembles SourceForge’s view: a repository, a few web pages, a forum, an issue-tracking system… it is web-based, written in java… and is equipped with an own versioning system called the Libresource-synchronizer. An attempt at installation is at

Since my collaborator Marianne Moormann started a content collection project. I invited her for an hour of chat to discover Libresource with me so that we start-up the things.

We started by being picky about the logo… she could easily upload the logo… the path inside the wiki syntax was not that obvious. But since it is web-based it was easy for me to solve for her.

Then we encountered some troubles at using jEditOQMath’s start-a-collection… some bizarre thing that seem to be related to my lack of constant debugging on Windows…

But she could still use Create a Workspace which inits a checkout for her. I could then check this out, and run start a collection and commit back. She could then update, add her content… but she warned me it had errors. I updated, fixed the errors (pretty easy for me), then committed back. She could update (which is really just one click) then activate the collection, start her ActiveMath and see it…

Actions of this last paragraph happened in less than 20 minutes… not bad… Two further amazing facts that made the whole a lot simpler:

  • the synchronizer does not require me to checkin or delete explicitly things… it seems to do it all transparent… that leaves space for dirt but is certainly much easier for normal users
  • all this is organized in events that you can monitor, that you see in activity etc… that’s an enormous confidence boost!

Now… I think this will soon be my recommendation… I only need to figure out how to use this for “upload into your ActiveMath”.


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The Promised Land?

Your glowing review , initial impressions and experience sound very promising. You must feel right at home in java land.

How did you manage to come across LibreSource?

And what is the komma content collection? I have not yet managed to find a more detailed project description.

Are you inviting others to play?

please be my guest


sure… you can start playing there… what about your encoding experiment from TeX ?

Is it time to start a project about it?


About Time


Thank you for your invitation.

I will need some help though with how best to convert from LaTeX into ActiveMath. Whom can and should I ask?