Open-content topographic maps, something real is here

The need is extreeeeemely common: you want a map of some region to be included in the next flyer, in your web page, in your learning material. The map should be of good quality, be realistic, and certainly must contain your own annotations. How can you do?

Until yesterday I only knew the answers such as the Google-Maps-Embeddings: very limited annotations, extremely constrained licenses (no flyer for example), pretty slow, … but now I discovered OpenStreetMap.

All the content in this wiki is under CC-BY-SA: you may copy, you may modify and redistribute modified (with the same license). Commercial usage is welcome, proper citation and mention of license is required, that’s all. This means that the map below, of the forest around our place (which is already richer than Google maps btw) just need the tiny line that follows it (yes, it is ok to make small print).

map from with open content license

What is, I feel, almost as important, is that it offers sufficiently usable map browsing (search, pan, …) followed by an export, and that export can be some raster image formats (e.g. PNG) or some vector image formats (SVG and PDF among others with smooth-street-lines, see an example map); just click the Export tab from where you are in the map… download it. You obtain an even better experience than (because PDF is better supported than SVG).

What’s amazing is that it is not easy to find at all along Google! Let us take the time to link this more! I also hope a form of tracking of user contributions, especially user-derivatives, will appear (e.g. “this region had its map adapted by this guy here, he made a map of all pubs”).

map-of-the-forest.png193.29 KB

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