OmniOutliner to write a LaTeX article

This is a very nice experience I am having: I am editing writing an article in LaTeX and that is with OmniOutliner, the incredibly nice outliner of the Omni Group. Luxury is there to manage the texts, to hide parts temporarily, to apply styles and to navigate while the quality of the LaTeX output remains.

Of course I still need to intersperse some LaTeX in there, and it’s a chance that this is very little since I have zero support to this end compared to, say, TeXshop. Domains where I have to is picture markup and labelling, and \paragraph. I don’t see a way to avoid that for now (e.g. picture markup needs captions and labels both of which aren’t supported by OmniOutliner) but as long as it is small this very acceptable.

Visual things I get (should I say “WYSIWYG”? almost): sectioning (numbering goes wrong though), elementary styles (bold, italic, code), and links (those are absolutely non-wysiwyg!).

Finally there are things where a visual approach just conflicts with the visual expected result: large parts of code-markup (for which I switched to a vector editing programme) and inappropriate automatic cuts such as hyphenations or widows and orphans (for which tthere’s no way than to actually apply the view of the compilation)…

Want more? Try it, I attach the stylesheet, oo2tex.xsl, it is based on oo2markdown.xsl so is GPL. I use it with:

xsltproc oo2tex.xsl file.oo3/contents.xml > oo-output.tex  && pdflatex latexwrapper.tex

where latexwrapper.tex is something that would be including oo-output.tex and containing all but the text from the sections.

oo2tex.xsl7.85 KB

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