svnlog, a simple RSS feed of an svn commit log

More and more, I cannot understand why the default subversion toolset exports logs in a format different than RSS.

And actually I have found one from which I slightly polished.

The result can be browsed at:

It supposes that your svn repository is web-accessible. It can be run periodically or injected into the post-commit hooks of subversion. it simply works by receiving the (XML) log of svn and transforms it into a nicely presented HTML which makes the body of the rss statement. As subject, it takes the first-line of the commit-message.

I expect it could be used in very many situations:

  • awareness for authors of ActiveMath collections about the actions on the repository (works well because it can be configured for sub-paths as well)
  • aggregation into a larger flow of news on a given topic which includes content stored in a subversion repository
  • awareness of web-site developments (e.g. for


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