Task inst-3: checkout a collection and activate it

This task explains how to check-out a collection, LeAM_calculus, from a subversion repository and how to update it.


  • AM-local-installation
  • applications-on: ActiveMath, file-browser, web-browser
  • other requirements: good bandwidth, good machine (unless using a smaller content collection than LeAM_calculus).

Task steps

  • checking out the collection, we have several cases
    • it might be available as a single zipped archive in which case:
      • please download the zip archive
      • unpack it, it should contain a single directory, named after the collection
      • move that single directory into the content directory inside the activemath directory
    • it might be available under a subversion repository, as is the case of for LeAM_calculus collection, you need to check it out.
      • you should then have a collection URL, which is, in the case of LeAM_calculus, http://svn.activemath.org/LeAM-calculus/LeAM_calculus/
      • using the Unix command-line subversion client, you do so by cd-ing into the activemath directory and invoking cd content followed by svn co <theURL>, this may take some time
      • using tortoise SVN you navigate inside the file browser until the content directory inside the activemath directory then create a directory of the collections’ name (e.g. LeAM_calculus) then navigate to this new folder and right-click and invoke Tortoise SVN > Check-out, enter the appropriate URL, and check-out
    • it might be available from a LibreSource synchronizer project, as is the case of for the Komma collection, you need to check it out.
      • first create in the content directory an empty directory with the exact name of this collection (komma for the case above)
      • then go to the LibreSource synchronizer page and invoke the link create workspace
      • as base path, enter the path to the empty directory you just created
      • then, again from the synchronizer page, reload and invoke the UPDATE link
      • you should then have your directory ready
  • once the collection is checked-out it needs to be activated
    • please shutdown ActiveMath
    • if on a Unix system, cd to the activemath directory, invoke cd conf then, supposing this is LeAM_calculus, invoke ln -s ../content/LeAM_calculus/ContentDescr_LeAM_calculus.properties
    • if on another machine, or not wishing to use the command-line, copy the content-descriptor, i.e. the file stored in the root of the collection with a name starting with ContentDescr, into the directory conf inside the activemath directory
  • you may now start ActiveMath again. The index will be built with all the new content, this may take time, please let it happen until server’s console is not moving anymore
  • go to your browser, books of this content-collection should now be displayed in the main menu of ActiveMath
  • alternatively, you can search for it or browse collections

  • updating the collection only works if checked-out from a versioning server, we explain how to do so for a collection checked-out with subversion (or a zip file prepared for such)

    • if using the Unix command-line, simply cd to the directory of the collection (the directory inside the content folder bearing the name of the collection), then invoke svn update
    • if using TortoiseSVN, simply navigate with the file explorer until the directory of the collection, then right-click and invoke SVN update

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