Presenting SLuMB: serial Lucene MBase

Hello Activemathers. I wanted to invite persons using recent CVS snapshots of ActiveMath to try the content-storage I have been working on thus far. It is called Slumb, and is expected to be better than LuceneMBase. One can activate it using the following lines in

  mbaseRef.class = org.activemath.omdocjdom.slumb.SluMBaseRef = /omdoc1/cd

The collections should be “Slumb-enabled” for them to work, which is simple done by adding in their content-descriptor a line indicating their “root-directory”. For example, for LeAM_calculus, use:

  mbaseRef.collections.LeAM_calculus.rootDir = /content/LeAM_calculus/

The basic idea behind SLuMB is to realize a replacement of LuceneMBase which does not rely on loading all OMDocs in memory to resolve and absolutize all relations. In the meantime, a few cleanups are also achieved with a special accent on the ability to reload efficiently. Content-change-events and modification-dates are served which are used to clear the cache or the notations’ XSL. Evolutions of this should also allow distributed content-storage with validation to be used in such a way that you would “just drop a URL” to add a new content collection.

I would look forward to anyone testing it and giving feedback and wish to support anyone using it.

Getting to the chat or contacting me are good ways to do so.

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After this I should shutdown and startup AM I guess?

Re: actions

Yes, a restart is needed. Maybe a buildIndex before. Note that you had done a nice error: you had copied the line:

mbaseRef.collections.LeAM_calculus.rootDir = /content/Blok2vergelijkingen/

verbatim… which meant… that you were telling to SLuMB that your directory was LeAM-calculus (i.e. the collection with the identifier being the value of the property ‘mbaseRef.collections.LeAM_calculus.publicIdentifier’).

I have fixed this line to become:

mbaseRef.collections.Blok2vergelijkingen.rootDir = /content/Blok2vergelijkingen/

and things seem working.

Also, your ActiveMath was not up-to-date… SLuMB was not (yet) in the code you had.


PS: I believe it’s a good idea to discuss almost “support-like questions” here… agreeing with that? If agreeing I would even say it would be nice to even make the source content visible, e.g. by committing into a subversion repository.


Great, thanks. That’s what one gets when copying and pasting. I first need to learn a bit more svn to commit things.