Installing/Updating ActiveMath from ActiveMath-SVN stable branch

This page describes how to install or update the ActiveMath server software from our central repository. This is done using Subversion (SVN for short).

This ActiveMath version is maintained by the ActiveMath group for the general purposes of the Math-Bridge project. It is mirrored at irregular intervals from the main CVS development tree after making sure that authoring tasks work.


You will need the following:

First-time Installation of ActiveMath (Checkout)

Be sure to agree with the ActiveMath license: the D-FSL and the licenses of included libraries.

Create an empty directory where ActiveMath should be installed, for example on Windows C:\activemath\activemath-svn

To be safe, this path should not contain spaces or non-ASCII characters.

Use Subversion to check out ActiveMath into this empty directory. The repository location is:

This will take some time since it downloads more than 400 Mb.

The same content can be downloaded as a single zip file of 420 Mb. It might be slightly outdated but an update will still be possible in this directory using subversion (version >1.4).

In order to complete the installation, you should now follow the installation instructions found in the file HowToInstall.html inside the READMEs directory. If you are on Windows, see Windows.html. Here, it will be sufficient to start InstallActivemath.bat from the bin directory (this needs a correct JAVA_HOME variable, see requirements). After that, start ActiveMath by double-clicking StartActivemath.bat.

Taking part to the community

It would be nice if you would register to this community-web-site, express your expectations as well as your experience in your profile, in your blog, as comments to this page, or as forum topic.

Also, if you start a content collection project, opening a page about it here is welcome. If you wish to make it under open-licenses (such as creative commons) we may offer basic subversion hosting which provides easier management and sharability.

Updating ActiveMath

From time to time, especially if you wish to receive fixes you know have been done, you will be requested to update the ActiveMath server.

With Subversion, you can simply “update” the existing installation:

  • make sure ActiveMath is not running.
  • If you are using using TortoiseSVN or another GUI client, you simply need to invoke the SVN update menu in the installation directory.
  • If you are using the command line version, cd to the activemath-svn directory, then invoke svn update. If you wish to know whether you have local changes, use svn status.

Notifications of update are posted under the tag ActiveMath-SVN which can be also followed by RSS.

After this

Once you’re done, you may want to author content with jEditOQMath, see: